Singaporeans: Did you know long term investments in SG property could actually be losing you money? 

Join Us At The 2-Hour Property Investing Webinar & Discover Why You Should:

Invest in UK Properties (Over SG) -

And How You Can Generate Positive Cash Flow

& At Least 6% Yield In Just 6-12 Months

Invest In UK Properties

(Over SG) And How You Can

Generate Positive Cash Flow

& At Least 6% Yield

In Just 6-12 Months

 Without worrying about rising interest rates or global economic uncertainty

 Without forking out even more money for expensive stamp duty fees

 Without having to travel away from the comfort of your own home to buy a UK Property and Collect Rent

To learn more, simply join the NEW ‘Golden Goose Property' webclass,

What You’ll Learn At This FREE Training:

  • How to invest profitably in UK Properties and seize opportunities in this current market situation
  • Top UK property hotspots 2024 - Acquire affordable properties with as little as 30% of the capital for SG properties
  • ​New To Property Investing? How to tap on 'Golden Goose' properties which generate positive cash flow in just 6-12 months!
  • ​Building Your Portfolio? For experienced investors, learn how you can rapidly scale your portfolio with UK properties!
  • Exclusive opportunity to learn why UK property professionals are crucial to settle all the groundwork for you  
  • The BEST Strategies to generate outsized returns from overseas properties - even when you're investing remotely from Singapore!


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Here's Why Investing In UK

Property Is A Safer, More Profitable

& Wiser Investment

Here's Why Investing In UK Properties Is A Safer, More Profitable & Wise Investment

Lower Prices & Small Starting Capital Needed

Many don't realise that one can Invest in a UK Property with as little as $50k to $100k capital, which makes it much more affordable for Singaporeans compared to local properties. 

Not New Builds but Specific Strategies and Properties

Many Singaporeans are used to buying new builds as investment, both locally and in the UK. 

However, Instead of paying a premium, there are many existing freehold properties that are often half the price, and can fetch higher rents if you employ the right strategies such as Buy to Lets (BTL) and Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMO). 

UK Rental Returns Are Set To Rise 

The UK has had a severe shortage of housing supply over the last 20 years, whilst demand for property continues to grow. Up to 40% of people rent in the UK, which makes it a fantastic place to be a landlord. Many investors don't realise the true opportunities are outside of London, but in our secret investing hotspots with good rental demand.

9 Powerful Property Investment Strategies That We'll Be Covering in-depth:

Daniel Sim’s System to sourcing, refurbishing & renting out high-value UK properties

Risk Management Strategies:
Secure high value properties without overexposing yourself to investment risk

New Builds vs Existing Properties - Why new builds are often over-priced and the opportunity for little known strategies that are recession proof.

Avoid Making Monthly Losses by adding the right kind of value to your property & rapidly attract keen tenants!

Lock In Rental Income
With the right pricing, tenant agreements & how to keep locating new tenants

Finding Reliable Tenants to supply you with monthly passive income - and drastically reduce likelihood of defaults / destruction of property.

Who You Should Be Working With, Find trustworthy people who understand market sentiments and how to avoid rogue developers, agents and contractors

Understanding The Market - Discover what investment opportunities lie beyond asset appreciation & rental income!

How to slowly increase your return on investment  by consistently finding new properties to invest in & boost your monthly recurring income!

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Still Thinking Of Investing In Local Properties?

If you’ve invested in Singapore Property previously OR are thinking of investing in local properties you might have realised:

1) Monthly Losses Instead Of Returns

Many locals think of buying a condo and renting it out for passive income. However, even when tenanted, often times, the rent can hardly cover the mortgage and outgoing costs or at best break even.

Those with fully paid up properties think they are getting a good rental income, without realising that their monies could work much harder for them and get a much larger return if invested in Golden Goose Properties in the UK instead. 

2) Get Stuck Paying Heavy Local Property Taxes, Stamp Duties

Normally investing long term in property means acquiring a second property, and Additional Buyers' Stamp Duties are at a whopping 17 to 25% for your 2nd or 3rd property. 

What people pay in stamp duties alone, we can buy a terrace house that generates a monthly profit in the UK in cash! (e.g. 17% of $1 million is $170k)

2) Get Stuck Paying Heavy Local Property Taxes, Stamp Duties

Normally investing long term in property means acquiring a second property - and if you’re a Singapore Citizen you are now liable to pay a whopping 12% to 15% (Of Property Value) in Additional Buyer's Stamp Duties!

On top of that, Non-Owner-Occupier Property Tax is scaled differently compared to Owner-Occupied properties, which could be up to 20% (of property value) annually!

3) Property Prices are Cheaper in the UK!

People think new build condominiums in the UK at £200-300k are cheap compared to SG properties at more than $1m. 

A big game changer was when I realised I could buy terrace houses in the UK for about £100k, which is less than half the cost of a HDB. 

But - Investing in the UK Property Market means a different set of more relaxed regulations...

Giving you wider opportunities & versatility in planning & profiting from your investment strategy! 

At The FREE 'Golden Goose Property' Webinar

You’ll be learning from 1 of Singapore’s Top UK Property Investors:

Daniel is a Singaporean who specialises in UK property investing, acquiring cash-flowing assets to create recurring, passive income.

He's been investing in UK properties for over 10 years and today, he seeks to share his experience and knowledge to empower more people to work towards their financial freedom.

With over 10 years in public service, and having served in the Prime Minister’s Office, Daniel has great standing & trustworthiness among the property investors in Singapore.

To date, Daniel Sim has:

Been involved in over
$10,000,000 SGD
worth of property transactions
Built a portfolio of over
across 25 properties
Founded the company
providing education & coaching

If you’re keen on learning

from one of


most prolific property



Register & attend to receive a free Introductory Guide to UK Property Investment

  • Why The UK Is The Preferred Investment Market For Many Property Investors Over Singapore, Malaysia & Australia
  • REAL Case-Studies of UK Property vs SG Property Investments
  • How Property compares against other investment vehicles such as REITS & Fixed Deposits!

Hear From Daniel's Students

"UK properties are extremely affordable & freehold (Unlike in Singapore)- the cashflow stream is regular & sustainable - suitable for leaving for our kids in future."
- Marvyn & Louisa (Yield: 11%, Monthly cash flow of $4.6k)
- Jeanette & Wai Keong (Yield 10%, 1st property in 6 mths)

"This properties are not exclusive to those who are rich, its really affordable for any ordinary Singaporean. We were skeptical at first, but we're really happy we joined it."
- Rozana & Samurai

"He's there to guide you, its really good hand-holding. He is a fantastic guy in terms of personality & character & is the right person as a coach, appreciate what he's doing."
- Sujay & Jaya

"If you're looking for someone to guide you in the Property Investment journey, I think Daniel Sim is the guy for you."
- Benjamin Loh

"The program allowed me to give my kid a positive head start + meet like-minded folks who want to build passive income. It's also fun & fulfilling investing with my husband. "
- Alice

"I used to be worried whether investing in the UK would be too far but this program put us at ease. We built a team of good friends through this program."
- Lawrence & Huimin

“What we learned can be applied to any property search anywhere in the world, not just UK. In our batch of investors, most of us have already secured a deal within 3-4 months. 

The support from Daniel & his team made the buying process for UK properties smooth and reassuring because there are experts we can turn to for guidance whenever we have any questions.

I encourage anyone who wants more time freedom to sign up.”
- Alssa, Program Manager 

Daniel is passionate, motivating and sincere in helping us to succeed. He is very approachable & keen to share his wealth of experience in property investments. His team is also very responsive and provided a lot of aid in our investment journey. I am very glad to have joined the program, & to be part of this wonderful community!”
- Peter Tan, Regional Manager 

“Daniel has made his training systematic and very organised; so it is easy to follow. His programme is accompanied by very efficient and reliable admin support. I was very happy to get a property only after about 3 months.”
- Eunic, full-time working mother of 2 teenagers 

Who'll Benefit From This

Golden Goose Property Webclass?

You’ve Tried Investing In Singapore Properties And It Didn’t Work Out

You’re A Working Professional And You’re Looking To Actively Build Passive Income

Experienced Investor, Looking To Further Strengthen Your Property Portfolio With Positive Returns

Remember, If You Register For The Golden Goose Property Webinar Today, You'll Get:

 Daniel Sim’s Step-by-Step Blueprint to investing profitably in UK property - setting you up to receive reliable, long term passive income

 Effective methods in conducting due diligence & market research - so you can identify the BEST high-value property while minimizing risk

 Top strategies of skyrocketing property value - to scale your investment & maximize your long term returns

 Who are the essential people you'll need to be working with in order to build a successful property investing business

 The EASIEST ways of identifying trustworthy tenants and how to quickly strike a deal with tenants at the price of your choosing

 BONUS: Register & attend the free webclass to receive a FREE Introductory Guide to Property Investment - “Born Poor Die Rich”

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